Childrens Social and Rehabilitation Center Sun Shine

For already more than 13 years, the Center helps to orphans, children who experienced trauma, who have been deprived of parental care, who have become victims of domestic violence.  The center became new home to children from 4 to 18.


Key directions for support:

  • A safe place for child with conditions for physical, psychical and mental rehabilitation;
  • Comprehensive development (intense pedagogical correction school – with emphasis not only on education itself, but also on developing approach to education, training for future profession, development of social independence);
  • Maintenance and improvement (if possible) of child’s relationship with biological family;
  • Search and support of foster families for children.

Supporting the Center, you invest in the young generation!


Together we can help these children to grow up healthy and become successful, get a proper education, build career, and become respectable member of society.

You also may attend the Center personally and provide targeted assistance.

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Join us! Together we will bring hope, future and support to children of Ukraine!

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