How to prepare curriculum vitae

CV -isan objective self-characteristic, one of the most effective means of self-promotion, self-marketing on the labour market.

Purpose of CV - to focus an attention on oneself at the first distance acquaintance, to make a favorable impression and to attract employer's interest in order to invite you to a personal meeting. CV formes the first and quite a strong opinion about the person.

Professionals, working at the labour market consider the following structure of CV as most common:

Title - full name of the applicant.

Main personal information - address, contact phone (home and mobile if possible), E-mail, date of birth, nationality, family status.

Purpose of appeal – which job you apply for, on which position and under which terms and conditions, with further substantiation of your claims.

Professional experience - description of the workplaces written in reverse chronological order (indicating the activities of the company), positions, functions and professional achievements (this part of CV is the main, however disproportional specification of these information is not a good idea).

Education - list of institutions written in reverse chronological order with the indication of received specialties and qualifications, as well as awards, prizes and titles.

Additional information - data concerning additional knowledge and skills that are relevant to this job, important facts of the biography and personal qualities:

  • knowledge of foreign languages ​​("fluently", "I can be interviewed in English", "read and translate with a dictionary");
  • computer skills (preferably specifying applicable software tools);
  • driving license and driving experience;
  • participation in conferences and congresses, information about social activities;
  • information about military service and military grades;
  • hobbies related to this work and achievements;
  • notice about the readiness to overtime work, long-term and long-distant business trips, changing the place of residence;
  • information regarding recomendations;
  • personal characteristics (e.g. "tidy", "hardworking", "honest-minded", "highly interested", "devoted to the company", "energetic and purposeful", "self-rigorous", "leadership skills";
  • date of the summary - recent date increases the reliability of interest in this work, the old date may indicate that you have been looking for work in different places for a long time.

Style of your CV should meet the following requirements:

  • brevity - no unnecessary words, long, incomprehensible acronyms and terms;
  • concreteness - no inaccurate or excessive information, which are not related directly to the job;
  • purposefulness - statement of the main data confirming the right to apply for this position;
  • honesty - no incorrect information.