Memory card for an Applicant

1. Preparation to an interview:

Check the available information about the company, where you go to the interview (general market trends, company's products, it achievements, it place on the market, structure of the company, etc.). Use the media (electronic and printed). Do not rely on rumours.

Take care of your appearance - it should match the corporate style of the company. In most cases, business style is a right choice.

Take with you the following recorded data:

  • contact phone number, name and surename of the person (recruiter) of the company «Promotion».
  • an exact name of the company, where you go to an interview;
  • an exact address of the company (district);
  • phone number of the company;
  • job position, name and surname of the company`s representative, who will conduct an interview with you.

Take with you to the interview following documents:

  • passport (or other document) to get a card of admission;
  • presentation materials (professional portfolio) and recommendations.

Think over a list of questions you want to ask at interview. Recommended number is not more than 2-3 questions.

Think over the answers on the possible questions:

  • your particular professional achievements;
  • what can expect the company from you in terms of professional achievements, in which time frame;
  • what are the causes for the change of previous job (thought-out the argument very thoroughly - because the company did not evaluate the reasons of your quits from previous jobs, but the possible reasons for your quit from the company where you will be interviewed) ;
  • what are your weaknesses (is an inconvenient question, but it might be asked) ;
  • be ready to tell the names and contact numbers of specialists who can competently recommend you - your past or present (if possible) chiefs or respective representatives of your reputable clients;
  • the expected salary level.

You do not know what type of interview expects you in the company. Be ready for the stress interview. It's just an interview. Be self restrained.

Don`t be late and don’t come earlier. Be punctual. If you are late for more than 2 minutes, then please give a notice by phone. Being late is acceptable. It is not acceptable not to give a notice of being late.

Before visiting the company get an oral advices from an employee of «Promotion» concerning the features of the company and the possible features when interviewing.

2.There are three most important rules, which one have to keep in mind when going for an interview at the company. Violation of one of the rules makes senseless an interview in the company:

Be as open as possible (without revealing trade secrets of the company). You are open - your speakers are open to you.

Be confident (or lean on your particular victories and achievements). You are confident - your interlocutors believe in you. Do not confuse confidence with self-confidence.

Be loyal to the company where you have an interview (just don’t be intrusive). You are loyal to the company - the company is loyal to you.

3. Interviewing:

Don’t forget to introduce yourself.

Be yourself. Don’t pretend.

Be affable and friendly. Glint in the eyes is very important.

Be precise in answers, particularly in the answers regarding your professional achievements. Don’t be afraid to talk about your victories. The main thing is that you know your victories. Don’t be uncertain.

Don’t answer a question with a question.

Never speak bad about anybody. Don’t speak negative about the companies, where you work or have previously worked. Do not be afraid to take responsibility. Professional is specialist who deeply knows the subject and ready to to take responsibility for the results of his work. Do not say that the results of your work does not depend on you.

Your professional responsibility for the results of your work - it is your great advantage in the interview.

Never initiate a conversation about the salary. This issue should be initiated by a representative of the company. Don’t raise too high your salary. It is not a bargain. If you want to get 1 million, then do not ask for 2 million. An admissible deviation is +10% (maximum 15%).

Possible reasons for refusal to hire following the results of interview:

  • Delay for an interview.
  • Limp handshake.
  • A poor appearance, negligence.
  • Inability to speak: a weak voice, poor diction, bad grammar.
  • Manners of know-it-all.
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
  • Lack of liveliness.
  • Lack of tranquility.
  • Lack of sincerity.
  • Uncertain non-committal answers to the questions.
  • Lack of ability to orient oneself in public settings.
  • Indecision , dependence.
  • Drive for self-justification, referral to the circumstances.
  • Absence of clear goals and objectives.
  • Immaturity.
  • Lack of delicacy.
  • Lack of politeness.
  • Cynicism.
  • Lack of discipline.
  • Unwillingness to study.
  • Intolerance.
  • Negative comments about previous employers.
  • Excessive financial interest.

You are ready for an interview in the company, if you answer the following questions:

  • An exact name of the company?
  • Full name of the position? Which requirements should meet an applicant ?
  • Which experience, required for the position, do you have?
  • You are ready to speak about yourself, your professional achievements (3-5 minutes)?
  • What are the reasons for leaving a previous job?
  • What is interesting for you in the offered position?
  • Have you got acquainted with the site of the company? What do you know about the company? That promotes the company on the market (products / services)? The company's position at the market? Competitors? Share of the market? What is the specifity of sales? What are the growth prospects of the company at the market?
  • Do you know anything about the corporate culture of the company, what kind of people work there?
  • What are the prospects of professional, personal growth do you see in this company?
  • Do you want to work in this company? Why?
  • Do you agree that a professional never speaks bad about his colleagues and superiors?
  • Are you ready that at the end of an interview you will be given the opportunity to put 2-3 questions?
  • Are you ready to provide the necessary recommendations on the interview, presentation materials?
  • Do you know the address, phone number and the name of the HR manager of the company, which will hold an interview?
  • What is the name of the manager of «Promotion», who has recommended you to the company? His contacts?
  • Do you remember how you should look like at the business meeting: suit, hairstyle, shoes?..

You do remember EXACTLY THE TIME AND DATE of the interview at the company?

We wish you success! This work will be yours, if it is really for you!