Message to Specialists

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are truly grateful for what you have come to our secondment and recruiting company «Promotion».

Company «Promotion» will provide you the maximum assistance in offering your candidacy to the leading national and international companies working in Ukraine, CIS and other countries.

Company «Promotion» free of charge and termless provides services for all professionals who have turned to us.

We will provide you:

  • consulting services regarding employment;
  • prepare you to an interview with the employer (see "Interview");
  • help to prepare your CV (see "How to prepare curriculum vitae");
  • place your information in a single computer database;
  • but foremost – will perform an active offer of your candidacy to the leading companies on a confidential basis.

Any information about yourself you give in our company, can not be transferred to any third party without your agreement. We have carefully protect the privacy of our relations.

We are confident that you cannot take any notice of our services. We would have expected the preliminary information about you (your CV) on E-mail (

It is essential that your CV shortly, but quite precisely describes your skills and experience. At the same time you can make easier your work on CV and fill up our application form.

Our services are aimed at your further career and professional growth.