Outsourcing of HR records management service

Аутсорсинг кадрового делопроизводстваUnder the outsourcing of human resources records management services we mean a situation where all functions of HR support of employees of the Customer provides company «Promotion». «Promotion» provides complete staff support according to labour, civil, legal, tax, etc. legislations according to the functions as defined by the economic or civil agreement (contract) between the Customer and «Promotion».

Advantages of cooperation with the «Promotion» on human resources records management

  • Reduced risk expenses and a high level of reliability and quality of service.Outsourcing of HR records management can fully delegate legal and financial responsibility of the Customer to «Promotion» in its relations according to labour, tax, civil, etc. legislations within the provided services. Delegation of issues on maintaining staff records allows the Customer to reduce greatly their potential expenses, including financial, timing, image-building, costs on settlement of inaccuracies caused by possible improper maintenance of staff records.
  • Customer Focus on core business processes of the company. Ability to focus the internal human resources of tht Customer-company on major aspects of the business by transferring non-core business processes to professionals of our company, thereby reducing expenses.
  • Flexibility.From a financial and human resources management point of view, to the Customer is more effective to delegate the necessary amount of work to the «Promotion» and interact with one Performer, rather than deal with staff turnover (search for a professional in HR records management or to train a new employee every time).
  • Single point of contact on the project for the Customer and for employees.

Main services of the company «Promotion» on human resources records management:

  1. Employment.
  2. Staff appointments (combination of professions, transfer to a lighter work, transfer to another position).
  3. Discharge.
  4. Any type of vacations formalities.
  5. Log keeping:
    • employeed staff ;
    • discharged staff;
    • personnel files;
    • register of employees identification numbers;
    • employeed staff - foreign citizens;
    • discharged staff - foreign citizens.
  6. Maintenance of lists of employees:
    • with children who are entitled to additional leave;
    • victims of the Chernobyl disaster ;
    • combatants;
    • people with disabilities.
  7. Orders registration books:
    • employeed;
    • discharged;
    • secondary employment;
    • transfer;
    • on bonuses;
    • general economic;
    • administrative;
    • on annual holidays granting, study leave;
    • unpaid furlough, child-care leave up to three (six) years.
  8. Personnel files execution.
  9. Staff schedule.
  10. Timesheets.
  11. Maintenance an employee personal record form.
  12. New Year's gifts for children.
  13. Disability leaves.
  14.   Sanatorium-resort vouchers.
  15. Records on New Year's gifts for children, disability leaves.
  16. Military registration.
  17. Development of Regulations, Instructions, Labour contract, Job Description
  18. Introduction of an incoming employee with all local statutory instruments, which are in force in the organization.
  19. Reporting to the Employment Fund, military registration and enlistment office, other funds.

The list of services can be either expanded or reduced - depending on Customer`srequirements.

Support model for human resources records management will individually designed on the basis of the requirements of the Customer.