Staff leasing (outsourcing)

Under the staff leasing(rent) or staff outsourcing (hereinafter - the staff leasing) we mean a situation where staff are selected and replaced (if necessary) by the leasing company «Promotion», which performs leasing services and provides leased employees to the company, which is the customer of leasing services, in order to execute functions of certain commercial or civil agreement (contract) between the Customer and the «Promotion». At the same time «Promotion» provides personnel and accounting support of leased employees in accordance with the lease of a civil agreement. «Promotion» delegate the staff of different categories (professions) in the shortest terms and takes labour, accounting, legal responsibility for the leased employees.

Which benefits brings leasing to a Customer?

Staff leasing can reduce personnel expenses on the leased employees, including via:

  • Reduction (not increasing) the number of the Customer’s own staff in the accounting department, personnel department and the legal department which are needed to serve a leased staff.
  • Reduction (not increasing) the number of the Customer 's own staff in the recruiting department, which is involved in search of relevant staff.
  • Reduction of leased personnel expenses on banking services by connecting the leased staff to discount banking rates, provided to the «Promotion» by the respective banks.

Staff leasing allows fully delegating the legal responsibility of the Customer to the «Promotion» in its relations with the leased employees in accordance with labour, tax, civil etc. legislations. Delegation of this responsibility from the Customer to «Promotion» allows the Customer to reduce greatly their potential expenses, including financial, transient, image-building, costs for disputes and claims settlements arising from the secondment staff relationships.

Secondment would greatly increase administrative convenience, including through:

  • the possibility of trouble-free prompt (at any time) discontinuation of relations with leased employees (if between the leased employees and «Promotion» a civil contracts were concluded);
  • no customers restrictions by type of work and categories of leased employees (if between the leased employees and «Promotion» a civil contracts were concluded);
  • absence of any obligation to leased employees as provided by the Labour Code (if between the leased employees and «Promotion» a civil contracts were concluded).

Staff Leasing allows you to get the required number of personnel to perform work or services in short terms due to the necessity to attract staff for providing temporary works, design works.

Which leasing services provides «Promotion» to the Customer?

Customer`s personnel support, including the provision of leased personnel of different categories/professions according to the customer's requirements within the agreed period, replacement of full-time staff by leased employees for the duration of their vacations and illnesses, registration of medical records, etc.

  1. Structural support of a leased staff and the Customer, including coordination and implementation of a strictly legislated sequence of the relationship between the Customer , «Promotion» and leased employees, strictly legislated and highly automated procedure on modern software platform for internal communication between all structural subdivision of «Promotion», etc.
  2. Full accounting support of the secondment employees.
  3. Consulting and legal support of the Customer and leased employees.
  4. Financial and economic support of the leased employees.
  5. The organization of training and professional development of the respective category of employees (leased staff) in order to obtain certificates/approvals to perform functions in appropriate working areas.
  6. Development of procedures for interaction with the Customer, work techniques and procedures for information exchange.
  7. Protection of confidential information, received from the Customer during the services provision.
  8. Insurance support of the leased employees.
  9. Exchange of experience between representatives of the Customer and the company «Promotion» in optimization of leasing issues solutions at the periodic meetings.
  10. Information support of the Customer regarding staff leasing, prompt reporting on request of the Customer concerning the course of performance and results of the services provision, etc.
  11. Regional support of the leased employees.
  12. Methodological support of the Customer and leased employees.
  13. Banking support of the leased employees.
  14. Marketing support of the Customer.
  15. Internal quality control of the staff leasing services, provided to the Customer, using periodical questioning of the Customer's representatives leased employees by an independent internal supervisor from «Promotion» concerning assessment, comments and suggestions of the respondents towards «Promotion».

Customer's responsibility for the implementation of the complex staff leasing services:

Training and management of the leased staff, permanent provision of information to «Promotion» concerning changes in project implementation (volumes, levels of positions, other requirements).

  1. Provision to «Promotion» list of requirements for the leased staff, descriptions of job for the leased staff.
  2. Coordination and control of services provided by the leased staff, approval of schedule and major functional responsibilities of the leased staff.
  3. Organization of the workplace and equipment in accordance with the standards and labour protection requirements, instructing of the new leased staff at the workplaces.
  4. Monitoring of the implementation by the leased staff an established indexes in the course of services provision, including, but not limited to, time-consuming, areas distribution and projects of the leased personnel and other data (time sheets, etc.).
  5. Provide the leased staff with the safety rules requirements and labour protection while providing the services, financial liability requirements and confidentiality obligations.

All above mentioned services should be provided by «Promotion» to the Customer under the terms and conditions of operational excellence (which includes combination of responsibilities and depth of knowledge of «Promotion» in the field of staff leasing), reliability, flexibility and responsiveness to every Customers` inquiry and customer-oriented approach (including affability in communication, willingness to assist in any issues) in the field of staff leasing.