The company «Promotion» is the leading company in the field of search and selection of highly-skilled professional of different professions.

Our success is based on a clear understanding of the of the our Partners issues, intimate knowledge of the labor market, a systemic usage of modern personnel technologies and readiness to solve issues effectively anywhere in the world.

The company «Promotion» provides a high level of services based on:

  • Attentive study and deep understanding of the demands, made by our Partners.
  • Usage of an optimized and proven working technology for staff recruitment, as well in other activity areas of the company.
  • Usage of a complex system of selection and testing of potential candidates. The main selection principle is the success and professionalism of the candidates confirmed at previous workplaces.
  • Usage of a strict specialization in the corresponding segments (branches) of the market that provides a deep knowledge not only of the segment (industry) labour markets, but also the development trends of these segments (branches).

Distributing to our clients structured information not only about the immediate results of the staff recruitment, as well as an information on the real market of working (namely employed) highly skilled professionals, and, moreover, an information concerning levels of salaries and forms of employees performance stimulation, accepted in the branch (market segment).

Company «Promotion» is a successful company that is proved by following:

  • Quite an authoritative list of our clients - more than 100 leading multinational and local companies, including leaders of the respective market segments.
  • Right and trust for exclusive (sole) service of more than 25 companies in staff recruitment.
  • Average performance of the employers' requests implementation in staff recruitment is more than 97%.
  • Average index of selected candidates performance in probationary period is over 95 %.
  • The average number of applications over the last three years annually increases on 20 %.
  • Value of receipts for the services, provided by the company, over the last three years has annually increased on more than 50 %.
  • Purchase of 4 our own offices in the central part of Kyiv.

Other advantages:

  • Company «Promotion» provides recruitment of highly skilled personnel of different levels of seniority - from a secretary to a C-suites.
  • Company «Promotion» has successful experience in implementation of complex recruitment applications of entire organizational units (new sections, offices, departments ) of the companies.
  • Company «Promotion» has proven successful experience in recruitment of highly skilled professionals in all regions of Ukraine, as well as in other countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, etc.).

Terms, cost, and other parameters of recruitment services:

  • Periods of the recruitment applications execution is usually from two to four weeks. However , if necessary, company «Promotion» has relevant technologies and internal resources of the execution of urgent requests in 3-5 working days.
  • Company «Promotion» guarantees a one-time free replacement of selected specialist in the period from 3 to 12 months depending on the duration of partnership with the company.
  • Company «Promotion» has a flexible, gradual price assessment system that can be completely ascertained on the meeting with potential Partners.


Company «Promotion» will become a reliable partner of any professional company in solving quite responsible and delicate tasks in matters of recruitment of highly skilled specialists of different professions, as well as in other areas of HR consulting for leading companies.