Our advantages

At the market group of companies «Promotion» is characterized by high flexibility and customer focus, high quality services and low prices.

  • More than 16 years of successful work in the field of personnel outsourcing /secondment project management, search and selection of highly skilled professionals.
  • Service over 150 well-known multinational companies in various market segments.
  • Best combination of price and quality of services.
  • Usage of an optimized and proven methods for personnel secondment (outsourcing ), search and selection of staff , that describes the details of the mechanism of work on the projects, allowing to achieve the highest quality of service indicators.
  • Ability to provide a payment delayfrom a few days to a few months.
  • Permanent contact with the Partner regarding identifying the needs and organization / improvement of the interaction.
  • Individual approach to each Partner. To each Partner is attached a personal representative from the group of companies and developed individual relationships procedure.
  • Attentive approach to each secondment employee.
  • Intimate knowledge of the legal system of the country where the service is provided (Think Globally - Act Locally).
  • Single automated system for projects managing.
  • Usege of an integrated system for selection of potential candidates. The main principle is the success of applicants.
  • Consulting on tax, labor legislation and labor relations.
  • Ability to cover promptly the arial representativeness of members of the group of companies by the Partner.
  • Maximal flexibility. Ability to adjust the staff number in accordance with production needs .
  • Efficiency. High standardization of processes within our company significantly reduces businesses and organizations costs.
  • We work at the clients` territory , creating a solution and the service on a turnkey basis.

When required, we will be pleased to provide with all the necessary algorithms, procedures, technologies, describing the process of service conduction, provided by our company.