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Kryvoruchko Kyrylo
Increasing the efficiency of responsible parties interaction in outstaffing and staff outsourcing 2014.08.06

Currently the need and demand of outstaffing and staff outsourcing is increasing.

According to the different estimates, more than 1% of the employed people in Western Europe and the USA are on the staff of companies that are specialized exceptionally on staff outsourcing. Unlike the countries of Western Europe and the USA, in our country there is practically no leasing companies that offer leasing/outsourcing professionals from among their staff, however focusing on certain sectors and qualifications of staff allows HR providers to meet the Customer\'s requirements, therewith the Customer can obtain the professionals with qualifications required at any time and at a short notic...

Mikhailov Artyom
Analysis of demand for the outstaffing service in ukrainian market in 2013-2014 year 2014.08.07

Who could use this article?

First of all this article will provide useful information for top-managers and directors, HR-managers and head of departments as well as all employees who see themselves in senior positions in future and are accustomed to delving in business-processes of the company. With the help of this article you will be able to get acquainted with the absolute hit of HR-services market that is outstaffing and to find out what kind of a profit outstaffing can bring to your company.

What is the outstaffing and how can it help business?

By outstaffing is implied situation when personnel is being recruited, replaced,...